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Broadley said for a long time the only portraits the gallery had of suffragettes were the surveillance photos supplied to it by the police.

The painting of Christabel Pankhurst shows a woman in full swagger, wearing her suffragette sash with pride and emerging from darkness looking as if she is about to speak with passion. Pankhurst was the daughter of the suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst and a prominent strategist in the campaign. By , fed up with the limited success of moderate tactics, she was urging a more militant approach. It shows the increasing attacks on works of art and the Edwardian police photographs of suffragettes suspected of dastardly deeds, which were given to the NPG by the Criminal Record Office.

Portrait of an angry lady: suffragette Christabel Pankhurst goes on display

Fears of further attacks led to women visiting the gallery having to leave their muffs and parcels in the cloakroom for fear of concealed weapons. Carolyn J. My dear Mr.

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Marriott: My husband and I met you on the Carnival Breeze last month when you told us about your book. I have just finished reading it; and I loved every minute of it. Coop is a wonderful character and I look forward to more novels of his adventures with Kelly. Bravo Mr. Keep the books coming.

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Elaine B. Just finished your book and it was amazing. Very well written and kept me glued to the pages. When I had to put it down I did but with regret and kept looking forward to turning more pages. I love stories that make me feel part of the story. Well done. Brent D.

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Brent W. And Annie Leibovitz photographed the five in a photo shoot that's for the history books. Media double standards are a theme of Chozick's story , although she notes the candidates are reticent to talk about the subject. Chozick, who covered Hillary Clinton for The New York Times in , knows of what she writes: The candidates, she says, have "reminded us of the hurdles, bordering on bulwarks, that women at the highest level of American politics still face.

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To many of us, watching the race unfold has felt less like a celebration of rah-rah feminism and more like a daily, live-tweeted, televised pelting by the patriarchy. Indeed, we cannot assess any of these candidates without also assessing our own biases. Debates about who is 'electable' or not have become a smokescreen for lingering discomfort with what we have still, after years as a republic, never seen: the election of a woman president. This paragraph in Chozick's story stood out to me: "One of the upsides to running in is that nothing much is a shocker anymore.

Porn stars and Russian hackers?

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The president of the United States, in a span of a couple of days, picking fights with Meghan Markle and Bette Midler? Maybe I am being overly optimistic, but I see something liberating—particularly for female candidates—in Trump's subverting of traditional political norms Thanks to Trump and a news cycle that is suffering from acute attention-deficit disorder Avenatti who?

Some of Williamson's fans criticized Vogue for excluding her from the feature and the photo shoot.

Williamson, an author and spiritual adviser, was mentioned in the feature, but there is no indication that she was interviewed.