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Eliot once noted that when it came to cats, naming them was quite the difficult matter. Glad to have a position, regardless of the fact that she suffers from paranoi When Judith discovers a dead body in the kiln of her pottery store, she's convinced it's the work of her ex-husband in an attempt to cause her trouble.

After discussing the incident with members of her Scrabble Club, Judith soon learns that her ex ma Kerri Ellen lives each day with the haunting memory of the day her sister Kimmi disappeared on her way to work. Every night, she lights a candle in the hopes that her lost sister will somehow, miraculously, find her way home. When fellow college stude Ostracized for speaking her mind and standing up against a man she doesn't wish to marry, a young girl is cast out of her village and forced to fend for herself in the mountains.

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When she ventures too closely to a lake and nearly drowns, she is rescu For picture framer Veronica Phillips, the most dangerous thing that happens to her on a typical day is a sheet of glass breaking or getting cut by an errant wire. When a key comes out of the back of a picture she's redoing, Ronnie soon finds herself What starts as a typical day for self-described arts nerd Brad Litwack is soon altered by a woman who stops a car in the middle of traffic and begins to paint poetry all over it.

Brad is immediately intrigued, particularly by the phrase "Dario Fuente Little Veronica likes hanging out at Mrs. Life's porch. She can see the whole town from the steps, and Mrs. Life is fascinating in the way that she keeps track of all sorts of numbers and information in her little spiral-bound notebooks. So it's surp When Cindy stops by the local cat shelter where she volunteers, she discovers her coworker Samantha unconscious on the floor.

The Case of the Left-Handed Lady Audiobook by Nancy Springer

Even more horrifying, to Cindy, is that a mother cat and her kittens have mysteriously disappeared out into the snow. When a young man mysteriously shows up in the stables of Lord Robley and demonstrates an amazing ability to braid horse manes and tails, the Lord and Lady are quite taken with his abilities and have him stay on. Sure, he doesn't speak a single word a When a dog discovers that he can't be a witch's familiar because he's white, he sets off on a quest to be the faithful aide to an angel.

As his sense of smell leads him from one person in need to another, will he find the ethereal being he's looking Since their parents' divorce, sixteen-year-old Rig and his sister, Karma, have drifted apart. Now she is in college--too busy to even return Rig's calls. So one day he Googles her and discovers a website "shrine" filled with photos of his sister. As Enola searches for the missing Lady Blanchefleur del Campo, she discovers that her brother Sherlock is just as diligently searching for Enola herselfaand this time he really needs to catch her He is in possession of a most peculiar package, a mess Two-time Edgar Award winner Nancy Springer has written a chilling psychological thriller about a teenage girl possessed by her dead brother.

Quiet, cautious Jessie had always lived in the shadow of her dynamic younger brother--her mother's clear favo Tupper, is the closest thing Enola has to family these days, besides her occasional run-ins with her brother Sherlock. Even though Mrs. At the age of fifteen, a girl who has spent most of her life moving around the country with her father and brother, filling the emptiness inside her with chocolate, remembers her real name, Sherica, and searches the Internet to learn the truth about Enola is thrown into a tailspin when she receives a desperate message from her old friend, Lady Cecily.

Enola knows she must help her friend before it's too late - but she doesn't know how! This complicated case has Enola hunting down clues all over Everyone knows Dr. Watson is Sherlock Holmes? Even Sherlock hasn? Enola is intrigued but wary; she? Dusie is having a bad day of mythological proportions Dusie wakes up one morning to a hissing sound. As she catches her reflection in the mirror, she finds that her hair has turned into snakes. That's right snakes. But her mom seems totally unfaz Enola's name backwards spells "alone," and alone she is, in the world's biggest, darkest, dirtiest city.

She is being hunted down by the world's most famous detective -- her own brother, Sherlock Holmes. For the sake of freedom she must elude him, bu When Enola Holmes, much younger sister of detective Sherlock Holmes, discovers her mother has disappeared -- and on her fourteen birthday, to make matters worse -- she knows she alone can find her. Disguising herself as a grieving widow, Enola sets Guy Longhead. Jasper of the Sinister Hand.

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Hurst Orricson. Holt, also Orricson,, brother of Hurst. To anyone else, just four names. But to Rowan Hood, the gentle healer who has survived two long years as an outlaw in Sherwood Forest, they are he name Ever since the Sheriff of Nottingham killed his father, Rook has run wild in Sherwood Forest, dreaming of his day for vengeance. Finally, he has found his chance.

Her father is determined to make her pay. It was just over a year ago that Princess Ettarde -- her hand promised in marriage to the power-hungry Lord Basil -- escaped to the mantle of Sherwood Forest. There, Ettarde joined Rowan Hood's band of misfit Lionel is seven feet of pure coward. Banished by his warrior father for refusing to learn to fight, Lionel found refuge in the woods of Sherwood Forest, where he joined the misfit band of teens led by Rowan Hood, daughter of Robin. Now, a year later, Morgan is a willful, mischievous girl with mismatched eyes of emerald and violet.

A girl of magic, whose childhood ends when King Uther Pen From his very incarnation, Mordred has been a pawn in Camelot's history. Foretold by Merlin that he will grow up to kill his father, the beloved King Arthur, young Mordred struggles with his fate, loat I will fight you, even beaten as I am. You're gallows meat, Robin Hood. After being dumped by her husband after twenty-seven years of marriage, Sassy Hummel lands a job housekeeping for the Sylvan Towers Hotel, where a new friend, Racquel, will help her discover a side of herself she never considered News that her beloved horse, Tazz, must be put down has made the constant pain of Dusty's old back injury doubly sharp.

But the night before the vet comes for Tazz, a mysterious teenager, the ghost of a young man who died a strange and violent death When a strange and wild boy walks into her life, Tess is forced to confront a past she had long ago forgotten Fourteen-year-old Tess can't remember the first ten years of her lifeand if they were anything like her life now, she'd prefer that they An ultimate scary tale collection for readers with monsters on the brain celebrates the creepy beasties of the forest, swamp, school bus, and vending machines, and highlights creatures that may even turn out to be a best friend.

Here they come, and they're out for blood. For too long, they say, have hot blooded babes in brass bras and chain-link bikinis been held up to scorn as the embodiment of male fantasy wish-fulfillment and non-functionality. You think their swords won' Jamie Bridger's decision to find out who her real parents are causes anger and feigned ignorance on the part of her grandparents and leads her to danger and some surprising discoveries. By the author of Colt. Going through a messy mid-life crisis, forty-year-old wife and mother Larque Harootunian gets carried away with her latest doppelganger--herself at age ten--who helps transform her into a young, strong, courageous, and gay man.

Volos, a fallen angel who transforms himself into a human being with wings, sets his sights on becoming a successful rock star, but a band of enemies threatens to spoil the career of the former angel. Gray, a young girl struggling to recover from her own deep wounds, becomes involved with Chav, a mysterious and intriguing new boy in her class, who claims that he and his two younger siblings are searching for their father, the King of the Gypsies Paisley gets her own pony, Noodles, and is delighted to have her, but war breaks out in the Fontecchio house when the other three children fall in love with Noodles too and want their share of Paisley's beloved pet.

Seventh-grader Ryan is whisked from his world into a fantasy kingdom by an incompetent wizard trying to find the perfect color red, but the mistake may avert a crisis with a rebel warlock and help Ryan solve a problem with his own father From the day twelve-year-old Rhiannon spots a lost white Arabian gelding in the woods near her small Pennsylvania mining town, her life finds a focus as she learns to deal with family problems and decides the direction her life will take After freeing Shane, the archetypal lone hero whose enemy has changed him into a black stallion, Bobbu Yandro begins an adventure that introduces her to the Circle of Twelve, the human archetypes, and discovers her own special powers A lot can happen in ten thousand years A Wondrous Quest Through Lands of Magic And Enchantment, an epic adventure soaring to fantastic new worlds through the splendor of loyalty and love.

Young Dair, changeling son to King Trevyn of Isle, is called by a mysterious vision to share his dest Bitter Enemis, the nations of Deva and Vashti shared no history, no customs, no laws. But nothing can prepare her for what awaits. Amid all the mayhem, will Enola be able to decode the necessary clues and find her mother? Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide. Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games: Special Edition. The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Quidditch Through the Ages. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry Potter: The Complete Collection Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The Hogwarts Library Collection. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Joan G. Rick Riordan. Carve the Mark. Veronica Roth. Library of Souls. Ransom Riggs. Lady Midnight. Cassandra Clare. Norse Mythology. Neil Gaiman. Lord of Shadows. Three Dark Crowns. Kendare Blake. King's Cage. Victoria Aveyard.

The Bronze Key Magisterium 3. Holly Black. Philip Pullman. The Queen of the Tearling. Erika Johansen. The Crown. Kiera Cass.

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A Court of Wings and Ruin. Sarah J.

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