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Jane Weaver's Loops in the Secret Society revisits songs from her previous body of work in an "expansionist experiment" interwoven with ambient connective tissue.

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Taking Back Sunday continue to celebrate 20 years together throughout with their recent compilation, Twenty , tour dates stretching into autumn, and a video series about each of their albums. Director Ari Aster's uncompromising artistic vision in Midsommar creates a singular viewing experience of horror, beauty, and bafflement. For Bark, the question isn't whether life's glass is half-full or half-empty; the point is to drink it all in deeply because it's the only glass we get. This is music that celebrates life despite its necessary pains and setbacks.

Andre Bratten's Pax Americana is full of contemporary synths with an undercurrent of low-key gloom, as suits the general mood of An initial taste of his upcoming album, Patterns , Americana artist Josh Rennie-Hynes recognizes the beautiful mystery of life in "Chapters". All rights reserved.

Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Powered by RebelMouse. Related Articles Around the Web. When Melissa, latent sorceress, recites the curse at the local cemetery, things take a turn for the worse.

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The town's dead, led by Melissa's great-great-great-great-grandmother Lucinda Cavender Jonelle Allen , a witch who was put to death years earlier, rise up from their graves and roam the town. As Melissa, Vinnie, Mitch, and Mary enjoy themselves at their annual Halloween costume party, Phil encounters a mysterious girl, named Sandra "Sandy" Matthews Jonna Lee , dressed in a vintage 's cheerleader outfit, who warns him that the whole town is in danger. Meanwhile, Lucinda and the various undead crash the costume party. At first, nobody pays much attention to them since everyone is in costume.

However, Lucinda begins turning the party guests into vampires, starting with her great-great-great-great-granddaughter Melissa.

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When Sandy discovers that Phil and his friends recited the ancient spell in the cemetery, they realize that the whole town is being overrun by the living dead and decide to team up to break the curse. The only way to do so is to find the Grenville Spirit Ring inside the grave of a witch-hunter Nathaniel Grenville - who, coincidentally, was Phil's great-great-great-great-grandfather and slave owner of Lucinda Cavender, her arch-nemesis - and use it to undo the curse. Phil and "good ghost" Sandy must restore the town to normal by midnight before it is too late and the curse becomes permanent.

Both releases of the film are out of print and are extremely rare among collectors. Rick Sherwood of the San Bernardino Sun deemed the film a "less-than-satisfying teenage monster movie," adding: "The two-hour made-for-TV movie is billed as a humorous horror romp, but The Midnight Hour is really a campy monster bash in which revived corpses break into song and dance. Expect neither tricks nor treats, just lots of rock music, fake-looking special effects, and slow-moving scenes. In Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide , Glenn Kay called the film "lavishly produced, but not particularly thrilling," adding that it "has a sickening cuteness to it.

Flynn referred to the film as "a hodgepodge of horror film cliches. Sherman wrote: "This pointless film spends far too much time with teens partying and dancing, and pays much more attention to visuals than to plot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Midnight Hour Original advertisement.

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San Bernardino Sun. Pair all of this with beautiful and interesting settings from libraries, to Big Ben and you have a book that is just exceptional. Jan 28, Katie Fellows rated it it was amazing. Fantastic quick paced read- Hoggins steals the show! Feb 24, Armalite rated it really liked it. Though the voice is clunky and juvenile and relied on telling over showing at key moments, the story carries its own charm and whimsy that you can't help but enjoy yourself.

The cast of characters is huge and wildly varied, from your regular mortals to vampires, demonic bears, and even the personification of language and music itself, and there's something for everyone to enjoy. Unique, fun, vivid, and quirky without being too farfetched. The whole concept of the Midnight Hour, the Night Post, and how it all ties together within the plot were excellently crafted and highly entertaining to read. Highly recommend, and it got me thinking more about the world. With more polish and practice, I'm certain this series will take off.

If you're looking for a light-hearted but high-stakes adventure, this should be your tbr. This title released 7th February Dec 09, Ithil rated it liked it Shelves: arcs-proofs-work , smol-humans. This is a great read for any lover of adventures into fae realms. A very light hearted, action packed, heart warming story of a brave young lady who crosses the barrier between world to saver her parents of an unknown threat. I specially love the idea of The Midnight Hour and how it entangles with the real world and the imagination surround it. To be honest, mixing reality and fantasy is one of my weaknesses, so I thoroughly enjoy these kind of stories.

A great surprise was the main characters a This is a great read for any lover of adventures into fae realms. A great surprise was the main characters as we have a very original, but important, member of it: a hedgehog! Super cute.

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Also, I enjoyed the fact that the characters are highly relatable, with their perks, defects and high virtues as well. Only for that amazing cover art, I would already give the book a try. But if you are intrigued bit the possibility of a London where is always midnight, where magical creatures walk in moonlight and by a little girl who is going to rescue both of her parents with the help of a key, a coin necklace and a hedgehog… this is you book!

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Jan 13, Nicole rated it it was amazing. Excitement as a normal evening in a house in London has a Midnight postal delivery. Emily knows there is no postal service so overhears her artful, hedgehog rescuing mother say she needs to go help as a family member is in trouble.

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I enjoyed this immensely. Hang on to your Hedgepigs you are in for a ride!

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May 03, Christina Reid rated it really liked it. I dove into this without knowing anything about it so was immediately intrigued by Emily, her Mum and her mysterious Irish family and her dad who Emily thinks is the most boring person in the world but has hidden depths. I loved the idea of the Night Post and the fact that pookas play a main role. Emily's uncle Pat is hilarious and I was happy to see an animal sidekick in he form of a hedgehog! When we meet The Library things got a little confusing and there are a number of things about the world I dove into this without knowing anything about it so was immediately intrigued by Emily, her Mum and her mysterious Irish family and her dad who Emily thinks is the most boring person in the world but has hidden depths.

When we meet The Library things got a little confusing and there are a number of things about the world which are left unexplained. The epilogue sets up a sequel so I am looking forward to see where this goes next. Apr 16, Bev rated it really liked it.

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Set in an alternate world and set in London - two ticks for me straight away! Middle grade fantasy with an opinionated, bold female protagonist who has an unusual pet, a hedgehog she keeps in her pocket. Great fun with a few scary moments thrown in. Jan 04, Danni Jervis rated it really liked it. A wonderful little adventure set both in the modern world and in the victorian era.

The concept of the Midnight hour is cleverly executed and the cast of fantastical creatures are very unique in making this not just another random magical adventure. The story sets up for a series judging by its ending so I am eager to see where it goes. Feb 05, Julia Marsen dyer rated it it was amazing. This book has been optioned by Altitude films Apr 29, Zoe rated it it was amazing. This book was an absolute JOY, even for a childless year-old like myself. It was fun and funny and has made reality seem dull in comparison.

May 29, Dani Lynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read this after six of crows and it was such a refreshing read! Silly protagonist, who shows her humanity, all whilst dealing with a huge change. Great story telling of a new world, both frightening and exciting! Leaves you wanting more! We all need a hedgepig sidekick! Apr 21, Paula Hale rated it it was amazing. A superb read. Exciting and laugh out loud. Love the characters and a big gob is a huge asset!!!