Kyosuke goes to the north (Japanese Edition)

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It's a situation that both club and player are willing to go through, though. Definitely a signing for the future, but Tagawa is supposedly destined for greatness. Ben Davies 28 Jul Fujishima's comic book stories are usually more comedic, while the animated versions not counting the spinoff Adventures of the Mini-Goddess aim for romantic melodrama. Shy nice-guy college freshman Keiichi Morisato gains a "guardian angel" in young goddess Belldandy from a Heaven depicted as a technological updating of Norse mythology Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, is a computer program.

Belldandy's lively older and younger sisters, Urd and Skuld, move in to chaperone the pair, and to provide most of the comedic action while the demure teens carry on a gentle romance. The movie, set three years later, threatens both a personal and a literal end of the world.

It seems Belldandy had received her early training in miracle-working from Celestin, a handsome older angel who later became arrogant and had to be imprisoned for defying God. Celestin has now escaped and is determined to outdo God by creating a better human race. First he has to destroy the current world.

He wants his best pupil, Belldandy, to assist him, and he will not let her refuse. Keiichi, with the help of Urd and Skuld, must stop Celestin and rescue Belldandy. Keiichi is now in his late teens, and while his relationship with Belldandy is still chaste, his feelings toward her are clearly more mature than those of the embarrassed mid-teen in the earlier animated story. Celestin's sabotage of the Asgardian supercomputer that controls the world combines the spectacle of both supernatural and sci-fi disaster epics.

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The music is delightful, and anime fans who are into costuming will want to take notes on the dress styles of the Gods. But the plot is still more for fans of human-interest romance than of fantasy action-adventure or comedy; and romance aficionados will appreciate it more if they have seen the Oh My Goddess!

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OAV, Director: Kinji Yoshimoto. Distributor: A. Vision Films. Plastic Little was one of the first and most notorious of the "for teens with raging hormones" direct-to-video productions of the mid-'90s. Plastic Little is a Star Wars -type space opera with the most buxom teen girls you ever saw as action heroes. The plot is shallow but skillfully directed to blend humor and suspense into nonstop action. Tita is captain inheriting from her deceased father of the Cha Cha Maru, a "pet shop hunter," specializing in capturing dangerous native animals for zoos, on the human-settled planet Yietta.

Elysse is the daughter of a scientist who has just been murdered by Guizel, commander of Yietta's military who plans to overthrow the Galactic Federation civil government and turn the planet into his personal kingdom. Elysse holds the secret of her father's improved antigravity device for Yietta's floating cities.

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Tita realizes their only hope is an immediate surprise assault on Guizel's stronghold before he can get the full force of his troops into motion. The action is well choreographed, and backed up by a lush dramatic score of theatrical quality by Tamio Terashima. Actually, everything about Plastic Little is "lush," thanks especially to character designer and animation director Satoshi Urushibara, one of Japan's most popular cheesecake pinup artists.

Yietta's capital city by director Yoshimoto looks modeled upon European Rivera travel posters. The ship's women's bath is a futuristic sybaritic delight. All the men are handsome, and the girls -- well, so many anime fan clubs held "jiggle contests" to count the bouncing boob shots that A. Adolescent males can ogle Tita and Elysse, while the girls' beauty plus their fortitude and common sense in the action scenes no airheads here make them attractive role models for adolescent women.

Plastic Little 's success became a go-ahead for numerous OAV productions such as Agent Aika and Burn Up W starring beautiful busty women with a strong command presence, featured in action scenes often emphasizing panty shots.

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TV series 26 episodes , Director: Tomomi Mochizuki. The anime subject genre least represented in America is the teen school sports drama. Princess Nine was a 26 episode TV serial, broadcast from April 8 to October 14, , which combined girls' sports with adolescent romantic melodrama. Her father, a pro baseball pitcher, died ten years ago. Subscribe to Trips of the Trade on Apple Podcasts. TTG Worldwide. Back issues. TTG Luxury. Routes News. WTM Dailies.

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Frank and Nevelo Yasuda, Alaskan Mining Hall of Fame

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