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A desi south asian woman who has all of the following characteristics: 1 has a thick desi accent when talking in English 2 talks in English to be cool 3 pinches your cheeks and calls you beta or glares at u and calls u batameez 4 chases people with chappals 5 smells like curry 6 asks you to marry her son the first time you meet her 7 is a fob. That auntie offered me " ass cream ".. After discovering I'm in my last year of medical school , this auntie declared I was going to marry her son. Implies a friendly and trusted old relative who can always be relied upon to be there for you.

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Often used by newspapers and magazines in the UK to refer to the BBC and allow the creation of otherwise nonsensical national headlines see below. Auntie proposes overnight shutdown. Auntie in move to Manchester.

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Game of Smiles Badder Free buses between T4 and Jewel run every 5mins 10am to 1am. Auntie Anne's are hand rolled and freshly baked every day.

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With no preservatives, no egg and no butter in their dough mix, the pretzels are vegetarian-friendly and are good alternatives for healthy snacks. Savour your pretzels with a refreshing beverage such as the lemonade or passionfruit drink.

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Or try their Pretzel Bites and Pretzel Dogs for a convenient, on-the-go treat! McKinley use the term as a launching pad for examining how African women have been captured. Over photographs — from vintage family snapshots to contemporary high-art portraits — of African women are on display. Women who were, or would become, aunties.

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But in Africa, it really is a term of respect. We may be calling Rep. Maxine Waters auntie, but when has she ever publicly called herself it?

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This reckoning with agency, identity, and ownership is present throughout Aunty! Remember, these images are from the past.

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And the past is not pretty. Many of the images were produced explicitly for the white gaze, taken during colonial occupation of Africa. A single wall is dedicated to this period, a time when African women were not in control of how and when their image was taken.