Manuel M. Ponce et la guitare (biographie t. 1) (French Edition)

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Manuel Ponce

There is a rich and unique range — from solo, duo and chamber ensemble to guitar and orchestra. Most of my recordings are available through the Classical Guitar Recordings page. Almost all of my arrangements on the Classical Guitar Music page are now available at Clear Note Publications and other outlets. Feel free to contact me directly using the information on the contacts page. The site will continue to expand and develop.

I look forward to your thoughts and ideas. In any case, happy hunting on my site! This song cycle was composed in Mexico City in the year The texts that served to inspire his compositions were gleaned from the Cancionero de Palacio, an ancient musical codex found in Madrid that had belonged to the Catholic kings and which comprised the broadest catalogue of polyphonic profane songs of the time period at the end of the 15th Century and the beginning of the 16th.

Ponce was familiar with the Barbieri edition, and indeed he possessed a volume of it in his private library.

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He wrote more than forty works for the guitar, and fifty popular songs and song cycles. With its beautiful melody and poignant verse, his beloved Estrellita , arranged here by Gregg Nestor, is a classic in song literature. The Wild Dance CD collection, the first of three volumes by Duo Sonidos , unleashes a wellspring of exciting new transcriptions culled from the rich repertoire of vocal and violin chamber music, previously deemed unthinkable on the guitar.

Manuel M. Ponce - Sonata Mexicana for Guitar (Score video)

The music is equally varied and impressive. It is a joy to hear the fine interpretations of these composers by Duo Sonidos with William Knuth on violin and Adam Levin on guitar. In addition, you can find information and audio clips from the CD at Naxos Classical. Gregg has made a beautiful violin and guitar arrangement of the famous song Estrellita by Manuel Ponce. This arrangement is now available in an excellent edition from Clear Note. Mexican composer Manuel M.

With its beautiful melody and poignant verse, his beloved Estrellita, is a classic in song literature. The music and recording are available here. The songs are as follows:. My music is the expression of the feeling of a true Sevillian who did not know Seville until he left it… yet, it is necessary for the artist to move away to get to know his country, just as it is for the painter who takes some steps backwards to be able to take in the complete picture.

As a Spanish composer seeking to express his national identity through chamber music, he had very few precedents to emulate. In later years Turina would recall this conversation saying: Those words were decisive for me, [and] they are a piece of advice that I have tried to follow throughout my career.

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Nearly all of his works bore allusions to Spain, and more specifically to Andalusia. This was originally a minstrel song in a dialect. You can find the music here. These melodic passages are constrained and mysterious, but distinctly Andalusian.

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Each issue has continuous pagination beginning with number 1, and is between forty and sixty-eight pages in length. Issues are organized in two parts: the first contains from three to five articles on musical subjects; the second, reviews and notices about the musical activities of the principal cities of Europe and Latin America.

Two issues contain musical supplements: a song by Manuel Ponce with words by Rabindranath Tagore was distributed with issue No. The journal focuses primarily on Spanish and Latin American topics but also deals with French music reflecting Ponce's interest at the time.

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Fairly extensive reviews of musical events in Parisian concert halls and theaters appear in each issue including a review of the inauguration of the new Salle Pleyel. Many articles deal with contemporary Spanish music. Many reviews and reports deal with Latin American musical life including the international career of the renowned Chilean pianist Claudio Arrau. GAM also focuses attention on musical institutions, societies and performance venues in the Americas.