Solomons Seal

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Cressler, Alan. From the Image Gallery Size Class: ft.

Prefers high humus. Conditions Comments: Does best in rich woodland soil but quite versatile and will do well at the base of trees. Benefit Use Ornamental: An understory plant used in eastern North America for its arching stems and attractive leaves. Use Wildlife: Roots consumed by mammals. Fruits attract birds. Whole shoots can be cut up and put into salads.

Solomon's Seal

The rootstocks can be added to stew or boiled for 20 minutes and eaten like potatoes. Poisonous Plants of N. First Nations People and colonists used the starchy rhizomes as food. Only low toxicity if ingested. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea.

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Toxic Principle: Anthraquinone. Rhizome cuttings will grow but may lie dormant a whole year. Divide the rhizomes in spring or fall when the plants are dormant. Set them horizontally, buds up, 18 in. Seed Collection: Collect in Sept.

Solomons Seal - Polygonatum biflorum

Ivory flowers, frilled with a flared green skirt, hang delicately in scented bells from the bowed stems. They persist for weeks. The blooms are irresistible to early spring bees.

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Cut the stems to add to garden bouquets all year long. See more of our favorite woodland gardens:.

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Above: Photograph by Abby via Flickr. Above: Photograph by JardinsLeeds via Flickr. Above: Photograph by Klasse im Garten via Flickr. Above: Photograph by William Cullina via Flickr.

Solomon’s Seal: A Field Guide

Better yet, ask friends for a few rhizomes from their established colony and plant them in fall. Want a pretty filler for your early season summer rolls? Photograph by Justine Hand. It will not thrive in the deep shade of low-branched trees or urban alleyways.