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Even if you can work your way around the potentially distasteful notion of examining the problems of the Third World through the eyes of accidentally inconvenienced First Worlders, you still have to deal with the fact that the film is so uncommitted to its ostensible cause that it not only neglects to identify the country in which it is set, presumably so as not to offend any potential ticket-selling market, but refuses to give any voice other than " Kill Kill " to the those doing the revolting, preferring to see them as nothing more than faceless hordes hell-bent on slaughtering anyone who comes across their path.

Then again, it is perhaps just as well that the screenplay eschews the political aspects for the most part because the one scene in which they come to the forefront—in which the Pierce Brosnan character relates the evils of American companies who come in and seize Third World industries in order to maximize profits—is an absolute embarrassment that drags the already poky proceeding to a dead halt from which it never recovers.

'No Escape': Review

Dramatically inert, unintentionally funny especially during the largely incompetent usage of slow-motion photography that borders on parody at times and almost pornographically violent at time, "No Escape" is an ugly, ugly film from which no one emerges completely unscathed. For Wilson, this is a strange throwback to the days in which he was shoehorned into genre films such as " Anaconda ," " The Haunting " and "Behind Enemy Lines" that were uncomfortable fits for his laconic charms and for Brosnan, this is the latest in a depressingly long string of films in which he is far superior to the material that he has been given to work with.

Why they would choose to appear in something so pandering, mean-spirited and manipulative is beyond my ability to compute but for whatever reason, the end result is that they have landed in one of the most unpleasant films of the year. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. He and a fr A video essay about Mortal Engines, as part of Scout Tafoya's ongoing video essay series on maligned masterpieces.

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Opinion: Why 'No Escape' is the worst movie to see before traveling to Asia

Roger Ebert This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. Popular Reviews Midsommar. As you look around for a possible escape route you come across a black book with a familiar name written on it.

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