The Art of Innocence

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I trained at college in the s and was naive in thinking photography would be easy, it was actually extremely difficult for me to stick to a brief as all I wanted to do was experiment with chemistry, paper, light and film.

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I enjoyed learning the craft, making mistakes and getting better at my skill. I found that I had natural people skills and could put people at ease even on my first ever studio portrait shoot. Natural expressions exploded from my models face and I instantly knew that portraiture was going to be my strength. In the new millennium I left college and moved to Scotland where I met my current partner to start my first ever photography job, a fresh canvas for my photographic journey to continue into the world of a working photographer. I focused on building up my portraiture skills and fell instantly in love with photographing children and babies.

One can, however, still see fragments of the old flooring and some ironwork from the original stairway between that portion of the museum and the Fifth Avenue entrance.

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In the movie the Metropolitan's moderate-sized skylight seen in the period photograph above has been expanded to railroad-station proportions, though what is seen in the film above Newland's and the Countess's heads is actually a matte painting of skylights. The Patroon's House. Newland Archer's flirtation with Countess Olenska becomes explicit - by Victorian standards - in what Edith Wharton called the Patroon's House, on the fictional van der Luyden estate nearthe Hudson River.

Imagination and the art of innocence

After an extensive search for authentic Dutch houses in rural settings, the film makers decided on the Luykas Vamn Alen House near Kinderhook, N. The brick home was built in two parts, in and in on a acre farm. The House, with its 18th-century furnishings, is open to the public during the summer. Edith Wharton's own house, the Mount, is about 30 miles away in Lenox, Mass. Please upgrade your browser.


See next articles. View page in TimesMachine. The Art Museum in the Park The gigantic skylighted museum room where Newland Archer meets Countess Olenska above is meant to evoke the interior of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which opened in with a collection of plaster casts, ancient sculpture of doubtful authenticity and real works of art.

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Imagination and the art of innocence | Life & Art | China Daily

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Pablo Picasso once said, "It took me four years to paint like Raphael the Italian Renaissance painter , but a lifetime to draw like a child", and "All Children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up". In these frequently mentioned quotes, the Spanish master artist, whose paintings are among the most expensive works of art in the world, noted that a child's genuine, carefree approach to painting is rarely found in the adult art world and yet is essential to artistic creation.

Compared to sophistication in skill, this innocence without pretense is even more precious, especially when it is demonstrated by artists living with autism.

This is the main reason why Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum has focused on the art of people with autism, often referred to as "the innocent" in China, for past eight years. The museum opened its sixth annual exhibition of paintings by people with autism on Sunday, to observe World Autism Awareness Day, which falls on April 2 every year. The United Nations recognized the first World Autism Awareness Day in , calling for more attention to the day-to-day hurdles that people living with autism have to face.

The exhibition, titled Images of Innocence , features painters from all around China. Most are in their teens.

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Several of the artists have appeared in exhibitions in previous years. The works show no indication that they were created by someone on the spectrum; they are as expressive and colorful as those by other young painters without the condition who have received formal training. The exhibition's organizers hope to create a wider public understanding of the impact autism has on families, rather than focus on the prodigious artistic capacity of children with autism. Chen Jiayi, the assistant dean of Tsinghua University Schwarzman College, who attended the exhibition's opening, says he is quite impressed by two paintings in particular: Terrified Daddy , which is reminiscent of Edvard Munch's The Scream , and another titled A Family of Artists , which was drawn using intensive line work.

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