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Runners are awarded with an amazing breakfast: a full, hot meal including all the pancakes you can eat. This run isn't any run: kids and families can ride the course on their bikes, there will be a kids race, and runners looking to challenge themselves can run 5k, 10k, and even 15k! The course is no easy bike path.

The Seasons of Maple in Massachusetts

The Kennedy Heights neighborhood is built on hills, and our run will challenge any runner. Getting ready for the Flying Pig Marathon? Come test your hill endurance on this course. Join this event and invite your friends on Facebook. Enter your E-mail address and we will send you instructions to reset your password if there is an account for that E-mail.

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    When the temperature falls to near, or below freezing, the pressure may become negative in relation to atmospheric pressure. At these times the tree is actually recharging itself with liquid from its roots. The process continues as long as there are freezing temperatures and rising sap. If the freezing period is a long and slow one, the tree will suck up a great deal of sap. The following sap run will be a good one as long as the warming temperatures cooperate as well. Unfortunately, even this explanation does not make much sense when one considers that water expands as it freezes.

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    If this is true, the trees ought to push out sap when they freeze and suck it up when they thaw. This is the case for most hardwood species. However, maples suck sap as they freeze and drip sap when they thaw. This negative pressure suction is created within the sapwood of maples as a result of sap freezing, carbon dioxide dissolving in cooled sap, and gas contraction during cooling.

    There are four longitudinal cell types in hardwood trees. These cells act as pipes, which transport sap through the living sapwood much like pipes, transport water through a house. In most hardwoods, the dead wood fibers that surround the vessel elements are filled with water. In maple trees however, these dead wood fiber cells are filled with gas. When the cells start to freeze, frost forms on the inside of the cells. After long periods of freezing weather re-charge the tree with sap, the tree will yield this sap when the weather turns warm enough to thaw out the frost in the cells.

    The sap can then flow down the tree via gravity and out a tap hole, or can be forced out the hole by increasing internal pressure. In this case the positive pressure inside the maple tree is a result of pressure from warming, released gasses, osmotic pressure caused by sugar and other substances in the sap, as well as gravity on the sap higher up in the tree. It must be understood that usually different parts of the tree respond at different times. After a cold night, when the sun rises and warms the southeast exposure, that portion of the tree will start to flow. Look for this banner for recommended activities.


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