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The fourth millennium - Cargo of clones por Piero Boi. Whatsapp Facebook Twitter. Sinopsis Cargo of clones is the first novel of a space-age science fiction trilogy, The fourth millennium, which blends interplanetary adventure and advanced technologies with the search for the spiritual enlightenment necessary to fight and win the most intense battles. How could any man think that the destiny of the entire Solar System could depend on his own decisions and actions?

And yet only he - with the help of the important friends he meets during his cosmic journeys to the various planets, and guided by the omniscient light that the Patriarch entrusts him with - will have to ward off the cruellest threat that the entire planetary system has ever faced. Ver todos.

El caso Hartung. Las obreras que voltearon al zar. El fin del amor. It had been months since I had translated a book. The only thing was that it was a translation from Italian to English.

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Moreover, it was a subject matter which was totally new to me, science-fiction. Up to that point I had translated only fiction for children and teenagers, mostly love stories, adventures, and stories about vampires and witches. The author, Piero Boi, used a writing style which created some problems for me, because of its confused and sometimes not very clear sentences.

On the contrary, the English language demands simple and comprehensible sentences, without many subordinate clauses.

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How difficult it is to understand this language! How do I best translate it? Instead, the author used long descriptions of events, meetings and moves among the various planets of the Solar System and endless lists of objects to narrate the story. And the author was so intent on the details!

And yet, in spite of my doubts and apprehension as I was ventured through this new task, I discovered after a few pages that I had already grown fond of this story and of the main character who I was getting to know: Tuiavii. I was the translator by now, it was just me, and I liked it, I absolutely wanted to create the best possible English text, giving my maximum effort to get a product which would be understandable to, and enjoyed by, all English-speaking readers.

Its unique style and quirky characters are revealed as we follow Tuiavii on his journey as a young rebel fighter to the leader of an army opposing universal domination. Meanwhile, we witness how several fascinating civilizations band together and eventually prove that cooperation and brotherhood are the qualities that eventually redeem them against a common enemy.

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I appreciated this character, because Tuiavii is certainly a man who, through his circumstances, becomes an hero. Although he never searched out the role of hero, the role was given to him because he was able to carry it out.

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He embodies the character of the virile man, with his physicality and his presence. Moreover, the author makes him be prolific. Looking back, even though I found the descriptions quite tedious at the beginning, I soon learned to enjoy them. As he struggles to put aside his own desires for a stable family life in order to help to save the planet, we come to see him as a relatable, fallible everyman thrust into an impossible situation.