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Doch das war nichts gegen das, was sich hinter dem Haus befand: ein Schrottplatz. Und zwar Harald Schneider, Frank Schwindt, Wir fahrenmit dirzum Schrottplatz und kaufendir eines. Ichbrauche jetzt keins. So gut sieht dein Auto doch Frank Springer, Der leichte Wind hat sich inzwischen ganz gelegt und am Horizont tauchen schwarze Wolken auf. Anette Gudjons, Sie traten in die Pedale, als Thomas Christos, Florian Fink, Ralph Lehmberg, Die Schadenfreude seiner Julio Iglesias Jr.

Am Dienstag In der australischen Stadt Revesby. Starke Winde fachten That is for us as an organization to be good citizens! Throughout the year we will cover how DANK is fulfilling this obligation and how our members and chapters can help DANK grow with additional fun-filled activities while also displaying a positive image within our communities. President William Fuchs 1. Vice President Erich Wittmann 2. This falsehood is perpetuated by mothers and grandmothers who want their children to wear hats. That leaves 90 percent from the rest of your body.

Contrary to what your mother told you and what you may have told your own kids, chilliness and dampness have nothing to do with susceptibility to the common cold. Cold weather, however, may decrease your resistance to fight off a cold if you are exposed to one. Licking lips leaves a residue of saliva which evaporates quickly and actually leaves lips drier. Instead, wrap a scarf around your mouth to protect lips from the cold. Furthermore, some common ingredients in lip balm can actually have an adverse effect.

Use natural-oil-infused balms or those with Shea and cocoa butter. Only one partner 6 percent caught the cold. During colds, the virus generally stays in the nose and throat. The mouth remains remarkably virus-free. When it comes to maximizing moisture, nutrients are more important than what you drink.

And who wants to make five trips to the bathroom before lunch? Conversely, getting enough omega-3 fatty acids through a diet rich in salmon and halibut can be helpful in combating dryness. These fish are packed with alpha-linolenic acid, which lessens inflammation helping skin retain natural oils. There is no really hard evidence that you can prevent a hangover, except with time and fluids The most effective way to avoid a hangover is to consume alcohol only in moderation or not at all.

The only way to end a hangover is to wait it out. Periodicals postage paid at Chicago, Illinois and additional mailing offices. Western Ave Chicago, Il DANK does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information published herein. DANK reserves the right to change or amend submissions for any reason without prior notice.

DANK seeks to bring together Americans of German descent in the pursuit of cultivating and presenting their heritage and interests on local, regional and national levels. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of the publisher.

At the site, there still remains the concrete foundations and tuning house, which stood underneath the tower. By: Hans Wolf P.

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Well, it was a real royal crowning, but its Karneval Zeit and the Narren will be in charge until Rosenmontag. The Ballroom was decked out with balloons, and in the back a German buffet. The suckling pig was prominently displayed. Forget the food! We secured several bottles of champagne to add to the festivities, the occasional Obstlers shots that taste like gasoline added to the stimmung. My favorite band, the Phenix with Jonny Gruber at the controls, provided some real Karneval stimmung.

Bobby, as he was now called, had provided lots of youthful exuberance that will be remembered. The new Prinzenpaar was then introduced by Cornell Erdbeer, the Master of Ceremonies, to the waiting crowd. Prinze Joseph and I. Prinzessin Debbie were elected for to reign over the upcoming Narrezeit. I was scurrying around taking pictures for our website which is never easy because nobody wants to stand still! As the Prinzenpaar and Royal Hofstaat departed the stage they had to pass through a spalier flanked by the Elferrat and PrinzenGarde.

It was a beautiful sight. The Prinzengarde displayed their new swords, they are real and very imposing. During the evening protocol the Amazonen dancers gave us some spirited performances, they are getting better all the time. The Fanfaren Drum and Bugle corps is always impressive and it brings out my Prussian heritage. They are a very important part of our tradition and the Fanfaren frame our Karneval event most impressively. But then our retooled PrinzenGarde looked extremely spiffy.

Their new uniforms hats and feathers from Germany looked great on the young ladies. It was a great evening and an exciting crowning giving us something to look forward to, during our upcoming Karneval season! I have only been with the Rheinischer Verein for 8 years and I can only be proud to add to our history which started in Chicago. Our ever evolving website - www. See you there!

This tradition continues today, as women—costumed as witches, devils, clowns, soldiers, and other characters—storm the Bonn town hall and take charge of the city for the day. The parade in Cologne is the largest in Europe. It starts at A. Special tractor-and-trailer floats display life-size paper figures of real celebrities, politicians, and other public figures, who are made fun of during the parade.

More than seven thousand people, and three hundred horses, participate in this procession. Those riding on floats throw candy into the crowd lined up along the streets to watch the parade. In Munich, the city sparkles with hundreds of costume balls and parties. The final week of Karneval is the wildest. Party goers fill the nightclubs and drink beer until the early morning hours. As Karneval draws to a close, a final costume ball is held. By: William Boston Magazine-Deutschland.

In the Spring of , I attended one of those church-organized East-West workshops that were fairly commonplace back then. It took place in an old church in a village near Gera, in East Germany. There were many light-hearted moments over the weekend, such as when the East German men stood in line to take turns driving my VW Polo.

Stasi agents pretending to be tourists who followed us everywhere we went. One afternoon we discussed how to change the world. For Formula One superstar Niki Lauda, this comeback is a historical moment, even a relief for the trouble-ridden Formula One.

Werner - Gekotzt wird später!

For him, unlike most others, Michael Schumacher - or Schumi as he is lovingly called in Germany - does not only have the chance to win some races, but he has the chance to become World Champion again, even though he has not been racing the Formula One for three years. Schumacher retired from Formula 1 in after seven world championships and 91 overall wins.

At the first race of the season, Schumacher will be 41, almost double the age of many just entering the sport. Flavio Briatore, the former manager of the Benetton racing team, for whom Schumi has won his first two World Championship titles in and , thinks that Michael has decided to come back to the Formula One after thinking about it thoroughly, and that he is sure that Schumi can win the World Championship again. It is sensational. Michael Schumacher, a German boy, racing for Mercedes, a German car maker.

This will top the hype that has been around Schumi for years. It is the dream we all had when Michael Schumacher was driving so successfully for Ferrari. Since he is a perfectionist who has never left anything to coincidence during his previous motor sports career, Schumi will be perfectly fit when he starts driving for the Silberpfeil in March. And he will not only be physically fit, but mentally as well because he will fear nothing more than not driving in pole position.

A Sunday newspaper reported that the team is planning a spectacular presentation of the new superstars. Rumour has it that Michael Schumacher and his team colleague Nico Rosberg are supposed to appear before the public where the new Formula One racing car will be presented, in a big bash.

We are all looking forward to another racing season, finally with Michael Schumacher in a German car. Hopefully the end result will mean being able to celebrate Schumi and his eighth World Championship title. Thank You Credit Card Applicants! By: Dr. Albert E. Again, reflect on the implications of this which the water, Al!

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Let us drink another cup this admonition, a kind of metaphor that even in the of perhaps even Turkish Coffee For relatively tranquil ocean waters, hidden dangers can GWA and other think tanks need to think outside of lurk. So he and others with experience of real war subsequently survived. Keep on going and think of the will understand what I am about to say. Just outside of Ft. Beauregard,Beauregard, of the and children are being wounded Rebel force was attempting to from this left over ordnance wound or kill him.

Fortunately, in places like Vietnam where no deaths occurred at the time, thousand of babies and children but the war clouds of both North are born with birth defects. Julius, and Dr. Jabs is writer, researcher, 23 members of your family at am not including the wounded, the communicator, and currently engages in the table I am others prison camps.

Here were brothers and some not even going into the current war of Afghanistan Why have we nor learned from this our most enduring war in American History This question kept on resonating in my mind beyond the headlines of each day. Again, I am not a with the ocean waves rolling by.

Sumpter, dying, wounded, and survivors. Each of you and all I spoke to a former Lt. In fact, we can be certain in these post Stalin days that were active Now, fast forward to have to be students of history to know that I believe that GWA in the air over the Arctic areas moving toward Russia as a reasonable think kind of tank should drive toward with nuclear weapons Your move. Germany is a country of newspaper-readers: over papers with a total daily circulation of 25 million copies inform people in even the smallest villages about what is going on in the world By: Michael Ridder Magazine-Deutschland.

The entire country is covered by a network of sometimes incredibly small local publications, big regional papers and the major national dailies. More than 25 million copies are printed in Germany — every day. These figures impressively prove that the newspaper medium remains up-to-date. This also applies to introducing new themes into the political and social debate.

Even television relies on press journalists for knowledgeable discourse. Presseclub, the ARD broadcast in which several journalists discuss a topical subject every Sunday at 12 noon, has now been a classic for decades. This fair, which is the oldest and largest folk festival in the Rhein-Main region, will be in full swing from March 26th to April 4th. Highlights are the huge firework displays, which open and close the event. Over the years, more and more fairground booths and popular attractions joined the market as well.

With visitor numbers reaching 2. The largest share of the German newspaper cake is taken by local papers that generally work with bought-in front sections from regional newspapers. The most read daily in Germany is the tabloid Bild which sells 3. Bild often selects the topical themes for agencies, television stations and other newspapers, but is frequently criticized for extreme sensationalism. The most popular weekly is the liberal Die Zeit Hamburg , which sells , copies. However, the media crisis has not passed the newspapers by.

Falling circulations and advertising revenues are creating problems for most publishers and as a result there is an increasingly strong trend towards concentration in the German press market. So far international equity investors have not been able to gain a foothold on the German newspaper market. German readers are obviously prepared to spend money on quality journalism and well-researched background information. The silence was deafening. I remember getting completely lost on one of my first visits to Berlin after the Wall was gone. Without the Wall, I had lost my orientation in the city.

For Germans, too, the Wall was more than just a division. The Wall was more like a compass. It helped them navigate both the past and the future and told them who they were in the present. Wessi or Ossi. Winner or Loser. Germany today is, of course, a completely different place.

Germans find great hope in the political changes happening in the United States, yet doubt there is any. Kison described growing up in Germany and his journey to becoming a master carpenter and bringing his family to South Bend during a talk recently at the Mishawaka-PennHarris Public Library in downtown Mishawaka. Born in Hamburg in , Kison remembers the war years with never-ending bombing raids on his home city. His father moved the family to live with relatives until forced to split up.

Kison spent nearly a year living at his school not knowing exactly where his parents were until his mother sent for him to return to Hamburg on a journey that involved five trains over miles for a year-old. As the war ended, conditions were still hard, he said. After his school became a hospital for German soldiers, his classes met in a private villa three days a week. When the coal ration was used up, students would each bring a stick of wood so they could have heat.

In , Kison became an apprentice carpenter, but when he finished the only job he could get was in a creamery, which led his journey. To find that hope, they first need to find a past they can believe in. And that, I guess, is what remembering and is all about, not to forget the darkness of the night but to celebrate the light of a new day. After Barack Obama spoke in Berlin and said that toppling the Wall in gave us hope that all barriers can be overcome, I was asked by a German journalist what he meant. Why did the destruction of the Berlin Wall in Germany mean anything to an American?

I asked, why do you think that victory is yours alone? Wearing traditional carpenter garb of a white shirt, black vest, and trousers with extra pockets for tools, Kison showed how he took food, a walking stick and a pack containing clothing, bedding and tools. About half the pound weight was from the hammer, saw, push-axe, chisel and square he carried.

He stumbled upon a job building foot-high arched bridges on the Autobahn. His next big job was helping to build a six-story bank in Dusseldorf without scaffolding.

Synonyms and antonyms of Schrottplatz in the German dictionary of synonyms

After that, he had a choice of jobs and took one in Stuttgart because it had sleeping quarters. As he traveled from job to job, he worked his way up to foreman and superintendent. Returning to Hamburg, Kison earned his master carpenter license and continued to supervise projects. He married wife Erika, and working from early morning until late at night, built their home, worked and took night classes for several years to become an engineer. He was soon building houses for local contractors. Buying an acre farm on Maple Road in Greene Township, Kison and his wife raised their children along with assisting friends, relatives and neighbors in times of crisis.

He and his wife still live on the farm. How do I define my Germaneness? In personal terms I have early memories of bombings and fires, of having to frantically be carried into the basement, of fear that gripped everyone at the sound of approaching allied bomber squadrons who would inevitably unleash their destructive fury on cities and villages like mine, only to leave burning farms and screaming animals in flames in their wake.

I have memories of being hosted unto the shoulders of my teenage brother so that I could see the city of Hamburg aflame after one of those devastating firebombing that left the city an inferno in which tens of thousands of civilians perished in one night. I have memories of thousands of homeless and hungry people descending like desperate vultures from devastated cities like Hamburg and Kiel, onto the countryside to frantically dig for any left over potatoes or kernels of wheat. Memories of a beloved father suddenly dying, of long bicycle excursions through a beautiful countryside, of hard work on farms and hard school benches, of teachers who had come back from the Russian front with no legs or one arm, and great bitterness.

Oh, when I think of my hard working proud mother and father, who experienced the two most cataclysmic and devastating wars in the history of mankind, and who each time had to start with nothing. I remember the experience that left an indelible mark on my brain, and heretofore innocent German heart. It showed scenes of concentration camps, goose-stepping soldiers, of Hitler kissing babies, corpses piled high in make-shift mass graves in concentration camps, of dead German soldiers standing frozen in the wind and snow swept steppes of Russia.

It showed American soldiers liberating walking skeletons from camps. It was then that I had lost my innocence and no one was there to explain or quiet my deeply felt sense of anger betrayal and shame. Had my. I met Jews who accepted me because I was too young, and Jews who did not accept me because I was German, and Jews who talked nostalgically of their favorite pre-war soccer teams: Eintracht Frankfurt, or Dresden, or Hamburg, or reminisced bitterly about the insidious ways of anti- Semitism.

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I met a German who called me a traitor because I played for a Jewish team, and I remember an Israeli teammate who talked like a racist about blacks and was suspicious of me because I was German. I remember my first agent in Hollywood, a Jew, who was kind-hearted and helpful, and gave me my first break in this tough business of acting. They wanted an eye-patch and a limp so as to perpetuate the stereotypical image of a German soldier.

And I insisted on playing the Rommel-like figure as a human being, with dignity, because the German soldier of the Wehrmacht who came back from the Russian front was decent and brave and tough and fought for his country just like any other soldier. I remember a conversation with Curt Juergens on the way to the theater in New York where I played his son in a Broadway Play, and he thought I should go back to Germany, because in America I would play nothing but those damn Nazi roles, and I said it may take me awhile, but I was determined to help destroy that caricature.

I was determined to show that we were human beings, with all the strengths and frailties, with all the feelings and thoughts of any human being. I remember my son coming home from grade school one day and telling me that he had been called a Nazi, and asking me what that meant, and I remember my trying to explain something I had taken years to study and understand, to a little boy. I remember Simon Wiesenthal, during an interview, saying that the actual perpetrators of atrocities numbered about a hundred thousand, and Henry Kissinger saying under no circumstances is the post-war German generation to be held responsible for Auschwitz.

And then the wall came down and Americans came up to. And then we became world champions. And it was almost all to good to be true. And then came some editorials in the newspapers about the renaissance of German power and a caricature of Helmut Kohl, as a new Hitler, and the many scathing remarks made by the cheap English press and character assassinations by Margaret Thatcher and her Cabinet, all warning of German power whilst bemoaning the loss of their own.

When will you ever give us credit for more than 40 peaceful Democratic years during which Germany has been an exemplary Democracy, a loyal ally of the Western alliance, an unwavering friend of both America and Israel, a patient initiator through its Ostpolitk with a Communist East, a country that has opened its arms to more politically disenfranchised, the persecuted and hungry, than any other except perhaps America? When will you ever talk about and acknowledge the untold contributions made by German immigrants who toiled for you, America, as carpenters, farmers, mechanics, longshoreman, doctors and nurses, coal miners, machinists, lawyers, surgeons and generals, teachers and scientists, when, I ask?

We want to preserve the histories of German Americans and their immigrant ancestors — be they Catholic or Protestant or Jew. Our formerly divided Germany will become one again: let us not forget Reagan and Bush, Baker and Mitterand, Kohl and Genscher, and Gorbachev and Shevardnadze, who made the seemingly impossible a reality, and the thousands of brave East Germans who courageously cried out for freedom.

Because of our historical legacy, we Germans have a profound responsibility to be tolerant of others and to cooperate as equal partners in this world of many peoples. Tonight, let us remember the many positive contributions the Germans have made to mankind. What does it mean to be German?

Germanic Annotations

It means that we are part of the community of mankind, with a specific and complex heritage, and I am proud of that heritage. By the end of the series it is shown that his character is an anti-Nazi. It started out as a big challenge for me and quickly turned into a warm, happy new home. Working in the office is a lot of fun…especially right now in the winter when I have a snowy view out my window and am typing away at the computer.

I am looking forward to another incredible year at DANK, with more exciting projects to kick off. She continues to do a great job leading the office and DANK into another successful decade.

Yugioh Duel Links - Außerirdische /Aliens - KoG PvP Deck Tutorial - w/ Gimbplays [GER/DEU]

Aside from resting comfortably on our laurels after a fabulous , Eva and I are busy with the dues statements coming in right now. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their dues so far! Please keep them coming. So, we have just wrapped up a wonderful year, and aside from managing the dues drive, the new year is looking like a fresh, clean palette for us. Please feel free as always to share your thoughts, ideas and much-appreciated donations with us, join us on the forum, or find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, StudiVZ, and Twitter. If nothing else, just drop us a line to say hello!

Our door is always open. Despite many challenges, our membership numbers have begun to stabilize in the past years with, a loss of members. We were unable to attract new members because we failed to change our organization to meet the needs of the younger generation and individuals who are of Germanic ancestry vs. Yes, we were comfortable with the status quo and content with events from our various chapters, even though membership and chapter locations were decreasing.

This, by the way, is not unique to just DANK, but almost all those ethnic organizations, who failed to adapt to the reality that immigration from European countries is at a all time low, with new immigrants coming primarily from Asia, Africa, Mexico and Latin America. So, knowing what the problems are, does not automatically fix the issues. Thus, as noted in previous communications, we, as an organization, are changing our focus to attract new members.

The first two areas of focus were our national web site DANK. We also know from the number of hits our web site recorded, that the numbers are up and visitors find the new web site inviting and easy to use. The establishment of a Membership Committee, a budget and the improvements in our web site and Journal are only step one in a process that ultimately also requires active participation of our chapters and individual members.

We continue to work with those chapters struggling to attempt to infuse both resources, ideas and help, in reversing membership slides, so that we do not lose more chapters. Simultaneously, we are continuing to work on establishing new chapters in those areas where interest has been shown by some local individuals. April will be the establishment of our newest chapter in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. First of all, a new membership brochure is available for all chapters to access. A representative from the Membership Committee will be in contact with every chapter to discuss individual chapters needs and to go over the membership drive efforts each chapter plans on undertaking within the next year.

We will provide resources to those chapters, be they materials or possibly ideas on how to proceed. We are currently working on placemats that a chapter can use by working with receptive local eating establishments to see if advertising through those means works. Most likely we will have chapters pilot that effort and see what results it bears. We are also making available extra copies of the Journal to chapters so that they can place those in local libraries, etc, to have DANK be more visible and possibly see if that aids in the recruitment process. Other ideas are being considered and we hope that you as DANK members will contact our National office with ideas that you think may work.

Email them to either office dank. On our effort to establish new chapters, we are continuing to work with several sites to establish chapters were interest has been shown including utilizing our sub chapter concept. Additionally, as announced in the last membership report, the Membership Committee, with the support of the Executive Board, will be identifying three areas that we will target for the establishment of new chapters within the next year.

Should you know persons in those areas, or others who may want to get involved in creating a new chapter, please share that information with our Membership Committee. Ultimately, it will take every single member of DANK to assist in the process, be it through your ideas, your signing up new members for your own chapter, or donating funds to our membership drive efforts. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year and let us all work together to develop a solid new membership base during In honor of St.

Generous contributions brought in over pounds of food with an average of 10 pounds per person. In light of heightened unemployment rates and several other contributing factors, the need for support is stronger than ever. In the giving spirit of Christmas, Bill and Darlene ask that everyone take a moment to reflect on what they have and to generously give to those who are less fortunate. Make sure to send out press releases in order to get positive PR in your communities. For more information on DANK please visit dank.

Nicholas himself. Nick, who always brings gifts for all the children in attendance. After the visit by St. The chapter runs a Christkindlmarkt and a Christmas Gift Basket Raffle before the start of the event so that items can be purchased for the holidays. There was also collaborators Daniel Nuetzel, Michael a discussion on teaching materials for and Vicky Peake, Steven Schmidt, Ruth both the German and the Social Studies Reichmann, Robert Reichmann, William classrooms and the teachers left with an Selm and others to edit, revise and abundance of information and materials.

The result Since this workshop was so successful of this concentrated effort has been that DANK Indianapolis offered to co-sponsor work on nine of the sixteen chapters has a similar workshop again in The passing of Prof.

The first October represents a great intellectual three chapters are online and can be and spiritual loss for the entire German- previewed at HoosierGermanHeritage. American community. However, work on info. Dietz The holidays are times for family and friends to gather and at DANK Chicago South, gatherings were numerous these past two months. Entertainers from Germany mesmerized our members and guests with melodies from our homeland and traditional Christmas songs.

We all. We celebrated Christmas with our traditional dance with the musical entertainment by Die Perlen. But before he left, he gave all the little boys and girls a chance to sit on his lap to tell him their Christmas wishes. As we reflect over the past year and all the great times we shared, we also remember those who are no longer with us, however, they are always with us in spirit.

It is also a. Several of our members work hard behind the scenes and at every function throughout the year to ensure our members, family and friends have a memorable time when they visit the club house. We also welcomed several new members and were proud to share our 50 year history as we embark on the next 50 years of continued growth. The school events are coordinated by Patricia Davis. Anne Marie Fuhrig always gives a brief talk on an aspect of the influence of Germans in this country, this time on the considerable role of the Roebling family in the building of the Brooklyn Bridge between and Johann Augustus Roebling left Germany in , after receiving his engineering degree from the then Berlin Technical College in with a paper on suspension bridges.

After designing and lobbying for the Brooklyn Bridge, he died from an accident before it was. Soon Washington fell ill from decompression sickness contracted in the excavation chambers under water, so his wife, Emily nee Warren, directed and supervised the day-to-day construction while her husband filled her in on the technical knowledge she needed and observed from his special apartment. All three have a plaque at the Manhattan anchorage of the bridge.

Since it was built multiple times stronger than needed, it has held up to modern demands. The John Roebling engineering firm continues in Trenton, N. After the talk, Anne Marie and local member Bill Ryan, a German language student of Edith Baumhart, hosted a reception with potato salad and Christmas treats. New members were recruited. Guests viewed more than 80 Christmas trees decorated by different ethnic groups of Cook County and sang carols as the Treasurer played the keyboard. Top Photo: Maria Pappas plays the keyboard surrounded by carolers from diverse ethnic and religious groups.

Theodore Buegner, Karl H. Burkart, Josef Burkhard, Leonhart F. Childs, Ralph N. Chlubek, Alfred Chylik, George J. Clark, Christine L. Custard, Clara Daeschner, Emil A. Dorgan, Gudrun M. Dunn Boza, Meredith C. Erbach, Steven Ernharth, Ronald L. Foster, Allan E. Freese, Heinz O.

Freiberger, Erich F. Frolich, Irma Froom, Sofia B. Fuchs, William Fuhrig, Wolf D. Grosser, Kenneth C. Gudeman, David J. Guntermann, Wilfried J. Gustafson, Lucille L. Hageman, Walter H. Harfmann, Daniel Harle, Eleonore M. Hauser, Irmgard Heerling, Ruth J. Heinscher, Hans W. Henke, Peter D. Hoban, George R. Hoeft, Greg Hoffman, Matthew J. Jones, Patricia J. Keenan, Joanne J. Keim, Edward J. Kelbert, Erwin G. Keller, Rudolf J.

Kleinschmidt, Hans A. Koenig, Oscar E. Konrad, Adam Konrath, Michael R. Laven, Erika B. Lemke, Alan Lemke, Fred E. Lengfelder, Rosa Linzing, Richard J. Manthey, Jack E. Maren, Peter A. Maurer, Carl Mayer, Karl O. Mayrens, Hedwig Mentz, George S. Metzger, Ralph Meyer, Jared H. Nadda, Stephanie U.

Naugle, Ingrid E. Ostertag, A. Perry, William D. Prenzno, Thomas W. Rehder, Ernst Reisel, Richard M. Ross, Anneliese Roth, Stephan L. Russell, William A. Sabitsch, Joseph Sabol, Hermine K. Scheel, Hans J. Schirrmacher, Ruth A. Schlechter, Anna B. Schlilling, Gretchen M. Schoenbrunn, Mark O. Schuller, Hans Schulten, Troy T. Schultz, Harolyn J. Schulz, Karl Schwab, Catherine M. Schwab, Paul R. Seelman, Jr. Seibt, Wolfgang P. Siegel, Horst E. Simon, Doris. Stockmann, F. Strahl, Rudolf Streib, Gerald W.

Strelis, Harri W. Tricou, Daina E. Wagner, Jack Wagner, Werner J. Wagoner, Ingrid Wagschal, Ingrun F. Watson, Gudrun E. Weber, Berta M. Wirtz, Matthew J. Wolf, Hans J. Wolkov, Michael Workman, Ilse M. Wurlitzer, Wendy H. Zaschke, Ehrenfried Zigman, Erika R. Ziler, James R. Zurniewicz, Andrew H. Here it is, another year has gone by and we wonder just where it went to.

Christmas needs snow to set the mood. The Erie Chapter overall had a great year - welcoming 20 new members; had a great DANK summer picnic; another great year for the German Heritage Festival; were able to send three delegates to the national convention; sponsored a bus trip to a Weihnachtsmarkt in historic Old Economy Village Ambridge, PA ; and a great Christmas party on St. Nicholas Day. Huttel, Sr. Our summer picnic was well attended and a way to say thanks to the many volunteers who help at the German Fest each Labor Day weekend.

We joined forces with the Lake Erie FanFare to put on the festival. Could you imagine a festival with no beer? So sometimes standing alone can be a downfall, but finding the right partner was a plus for both groups. They highly. We stopped first at the Slovak Folk Store Grove City, PA and saw a hand carved scene carved in Slovakia and animated using sewing machine and windshield wiper motors!

Then we visited the Wendell August Forge just 5 miles down the Road and enjoyed a tour of the forge and shopped of course. Following a light lunch we headed south to Ambridge. Everyone was in period costume and we were able to learn how the Harmonists lived, worked and played. In all there were 17 buildings with working displays open to visit. It would be a nice place to visit in the summer when all the gardens are growing. This was the 1st historic site to be funded by the Commonwealth. We learned that Gov. Rendell is not putting them on a funding list for and we all signed a petition to oppose him.

Our trip home found us in a blinding snowstorm just 35 miles from Erie our snowbelt and thankfully let up as we stepped out of our coach to go to our cars and home. The following day St. Members and families gathered for a great buffet dinner. The blessing was said by Heidi Cowey. There were two tables groaning with the wide array of delicious cookie treats to be enjoyed with our coffee. The Chapter will meet on Jan 20th to set its program and goals for the coming year. This is a big year for us as we begin looking toward celebrating our 20th anniversary in January Wishing you all the joys and blessings of the New Year and may it be filled with health, happiness and prosperity for all.

December 1, A festive evening was enjoyed by everyone who included members from the Pittsburgh Chapter. William Russell, President, reviewed activities from the past year which included teaching German classes to individuals interested in learning basic. On November 28th we met at the Centre Township Library, to have a membership meeting and to elect the new officers. All officers where once again re-elected. December 6th we gathered at the Hilltop Church for our Christmas party. The tables were decorated with white table clothes, fir branches, gold and red Christmas ornaments and red candles, which gave the room a festive appearance.

A hot spiced glass of punch, a traditional drink, made by Trudy Muessig, awaited the people on their arrival. After saying grace, a fabulous and delicious assortment of well prepared foods and deserts were waiting for all of us. Eventually it was time to pass out the song sheets, gather around Patricia Nyuken, who accompanied us on the piano, to sing German Christmas songs and recite poems.

Guenter Kison finished the program by reading the Christmas story in German.

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  • He gave a talk to interested people in Goshen and the Mishawaka library, where we took the display in October. It has been a rewarding and exciting year for me as president of our chapter. I am impressed by our National President Bill Fuchs and his officers. In the last two years, cost of the organization was cut in half, the office was revamped, the Journal became more informative and the web site underwent a total overhaul attracting thousands of visitors.

    Needless to say that the entire board was re-elected. This convention presented us with very informative workshops, but it also gave us a sense of togetherness and being proud to be part of it. Please come and join us, have fun with us, share with us and be part of the great organization called DANK.

    We certainly will welcome you. German conversation. Additionally, programs were presented that provided a historical perspective of the German immigration to the United States. Erik Wittmann, President of the Pittsburgh Chapter discussed the advantages of Laurel Highlands participating with the Pittsburgh Chapter in its various activities.

    It does not take snow and the beautiful pictures that come on Christmas cards to have Christmas. We decorate our houses outside and inside with beautiful lights, our yards have many decorations also, as well as flowers in bloom and green grass. We do not have to wait for a nice day to get all this ready. Anytime you feel like it, the weather is fine with no cold winds, snow blowing or below zero temperatures to plan around.

    All you need to have Christmas is family and friends to celebrate it with. There were over fifty members and friends present to celebrate. We all enjoyed a delicious dinner and dessert, which included cookies brought by some of the members. We enjoyed background music of Christmas songs provided by Walter Weber. After our dinner, we were led in group singing by some of the members from the Frohsinn Chorus, accompanied by Rainer Fischer on the accordion.

    We sang familiar carols, and since we had a young guest, we sang Jingle Bells especially for him. Our president, Jerry Woods, then welcomed everyone, and since it was a party, we did not have a business meeting.